Neil Oseman at Hay Festival of British Film

Hay Film School is pleased to present a shorts session with local filmmaker Neil Oseman on Saturday 22nd September, as part of the Hay Festival of British Film.

In the session, which will take place at Booth’s Bookshop Cinema at 3.30pm, Neil will show clips from his forthcoming short, Stop/Eject and discuss his experiences of using crowd-funding to finance his project.

Neil Oseman

Neil has been making films since he was fifteen. Now at 31 he has made two features, DP’d four others, shot and edited countless shorts, directed Benedict Cumberbatch on 35mm and been dubbed “The Spielberg of Hereford” by The Guardian. Neil says

“Second only to my love of filmmaking is my passion for sharing how I make them and what I learn from the process”

and this session is a must see for anyone interested in the art of filmmaking and the realities of independent film production in the UK.



Neil’s Biography

Neil directed his first feature-length film at the age of fifteen and won his first paying directing job at just nineteen.  At 21 he completed his first professional feature, The Beacon.  Over the next three years he co-wrote, directed, produced, photographed and edited Soul Searcher, which The Guardian described as “a fantasy action movie in the grand style”.  In spite of its microbudget, the ambitious film includes over 250 effects shots, martial arts and a chase between a ’73 Ford Mustang and an express train to Hell, and was shot entirely at night.  Press reviews called it “ground breaking” and “a remarkable achievement”, and Neil was named a winner of the Channel 4 Ideas Factory’s Creative Class in 2005.

Neil Oseman will talk about his experience of independent film production in the UK and show clips from his latest short Stop/Eject

His short film credits include The Picnic, TractionCow Trek and Possibilities and,  as a DoP he has six feature films to his name, including two shot in New York.

Neil is currently developing his third feature film as writer-director, The Dark Side of the Earth, having recently shot a 35mm pilot for the project starring Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock, Atonement) and Kate Burdette (The Duchess).  More information can be found at

Hay on Film: Make a Short Film

One of the excellent workshops running on Friday 25th May at the forthcoming Hay on Film weekend is Make a Short Film.

a day in Hay learning how to use a high end camera

There will be  3 ‘teams’ of 8 delegates for this 3 Camera Workshop practical event.

The same high-end HD cameras used for Feature Films, Dramas, Commercials and Documentaries will be used in this workshop, with experienced camera origination mentors helping the teams throughout the day. Director of Photography STEVE BROOKE-SMITH GBCT, Camera Operator RODRIGO GUTIERREZ, Associate BSC, GBCT and ACO and Focus Puller SHIRLEY SCHUMACHER GBCT will be key members of the three mentoring teams

The Arri Alexa, RED and Sony F65 dominate high-end film production


3 scripts will be sent to delegates early in the week of May 14th. Several ‘locations’ are available to us including Hay Castle grounds, The Golf Club for external scenes and a choice of venues for internal shooting.

Hay Castle provides one potential location for Make a Short Filn


Pre-shoot meetings take place during the morning of Friday 25th May and shooting will be from Noon until 6pm.

There are still places left and the cost of participating is £50.

If the ‘teams’ wish to,  The Encounters Short Film & Animation Film Festival  has kindly agreed to waive there entry fees for the finished films into the September 2012

This special event is supported by Creative Skillset, the BSC, the GBCT (The Guild of British Camera Technicians), the ACO (The Association of Camera Operators) and Encounters.

What Goes Around

Look out for new information on the Hay Film School Weekend at the end of May. It is going to be quite an extravanganza of screenings, Q&As, workshops and a chance to see some of the latest in production equipment.

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The main venue will be at the new Brook Street Cinema, which is part of Richard Booth’s Bookshop. The concrete went down earlier this week and soon the seating will be going in. It is very exciting to see a new screen launch anywhere but it is particularly poignant here in Hay where, 47 years ago, Richard Booth launched his first second-hand bookshop in what was to become the Town of Books. The fact that it was in the old Cinema, that Hay has not had a cinema since, and that the Brook Street Cinema is in the Bookshop that still carries the name of Booth seems all very right.

Brook St Cinema

Brook Street Cinema at the beginning of the works